Media Buying

The TV commercials, billboards, pay-per-click ads, radio spots, yellow pages ads, direct mail pieces, newspaper and magazine ads you purchase are critically important to the success of your campaign. This is where your message meets your customers.

We encounter clients on a regular basis that are using in-house resources to manage media planning and placement. This person may be someone with a marketing background or it could be an office manager or other employee that’s simply taken an interest in the marketing side of the business. In nearly every case, we are able to demonstrate significant inefficiencies in the schedules they are buying. If your monthly media plan consists of a few ads in the local neighborhood papers and a coupon mailer, there’s probably not enough spending going on to cause much damage. But when you reach a monthly advertising budget in the $10K and up range, you’re playing a very risky game with your money without professional guidance. Rarely do we find that these situations result in optimal media purchases and in many cases find that there are gross inefficiencies taking place resulting in wasted spending, under-delivery and poor results.

Oakdale Media is uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class media planning and buying services. We’ve placed millions of dollars worth of advertising across all major delivery platforms in markets across the U.S. We’re going to show you where you need to be and what you can live without. We’ll uncover the inefficiencies in your advertising schedules and optimize them for maximum results.

In many cases, our media management fees are completely covered by discounts we receive from our vendors – you don’t have to spend more than you currently are to get professional media management services and gain assurance that your budget is being allocated properly. Each month, you will receive a complete summary of your campaign along with hard copies of all vendor invoices and performance statistics.